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At Capfin Africa, our collaborative efforts are dedicated to your success, equipping you for the uncertainties that lie ahead.

In an ever-changing world, particularly within the dynamic landscape of Africa, business risks are in a constant state of flux. For over six years, Capfin has remained at the forefront, closely partnering with both clients and reinsurers to address these evolving challenges. Our core focus at Capfin revolves around delivering advanced insurance products tailored to African businesses, underpinned by our global industry experience and intimate knowledge of local African markets.

Our expertise lies in managing intricate risks. We offer customized products designed to cater to the unique requirements of our clients, spanning areas such as complex financial products, cyber risk, and more. Backed by our skilled professionals, financial strength, and operational capabilities, we bring you the optimum coverage products that are seamlessly coordinated on a global scale and executed with local precision.

With Capfin, you can confidently embrace what tomorrow holds.

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Among the drivers of economic growth and development in emerging countries, insurance is often overlooked in favor of flashier sectors like technology or infrastructure. Although, insurance is a behind-the-scenes factor driving growth at all levels of society, from family life to massive infrastructure projects to technology development expanding Africa’s lucrative insurance market is the key to creating inclusive prosperity in the region.

Notably, increased penetration rates for insurance throughout African markets are directly connected to Africa’s overall development. Indeed, as multiple studies have identified insurance premium thresholds associated with positive economic growth in Africa.

Despite its advantages, Africa’s aggregate insurance penetration rate remains extremely low as compared to the global average insurance penetration rate. With increased entry, participation, and expansion from traditional insurance companies, new microinsurance companies as well as reinsurance companies, the potential for growth across the continent is immense. Recent disruptive events—including an increasing number of natural disasters, political upheavals, and economic disruptions from current and future pandemics—will continue to increase demand and foster rapid growth throughout this sector.

Africa’s underdeveloped insurance market represents an opportunity both for players in the insurance sector and for African societies in general. The first credible and convenient insurance providers will reap enormous rewards as this sector develops—becoming pioneers in the region. Moreover, African households and businesses can benefit from the reduced risks and increased stability that insurance products can provide.

Why Choose Mauritius?

We started small.

Originally known as Columbine Ltd., Capfin Africa Ltd. was established in Mauritius in 2017 and swiftly earned its Insurance Business Licence within the same year.

Starting out with a single product -Terrorism and Political Violence Insurance (T&PV insurance) cover, we kept expanding as per the needs of our clients. However, numbers and profits is not the only thing we pursue. At the core of our business, lies the unrelenting drive to cater to the the African market which remains underserved and to be a part of the growth story of Africa.

With comprehensive insurance legislations, Mauritius has positioned itself at the forefront, promoting the island as the go-to insurance hub for African businesses.


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